Wednesday, 15 February 2012

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 141

How quickly has the time gone...? It's Wednesday again and time to have a look around some fabulous workdesks around the blogland... If you don't know what it's all about - click here and you will find out all you need to know!

Here's what's happening in my craft room at the moment - a total (creative) MESS!!!!

I don't even know if I should be showing it to the public!!!! lol ;) 

I am working on a shadow box - a present for one special Birthday Boy, who I was telling you about here. I can't show it to you yet - but I will soon!!! 

My work progress has been slightly delayed as after battling with illnesses of some sort (mine and my OH's), I am working on another important project (not crafty related lol) and also have some wedding invitations to finish for my best friend's wedding... so busy, busy, busy!!!

And I just have to tell you about the Valentine's gift our Kropek brought us home last night... 

We've had all sorts in the past, mice, birds and other small creatures... in different states of "liveliness"...

But yesterday Kropek brought us - a bunny!!!!!! A small, cutest ever, bunny!!! How he managed to catch one and shift it through the cat flap, is beyond me! But he managed... such a thoughtful boy.... We were glad to catch the bunny in one piece and release back to nature...

Some of you will know that last week I started my new Pinterest board for my favourite WOYWW picks. If you'd like to see if your desk caught my eye last week or which desks I found most PINTERESTING this week lol ;) - click here.

And if you don't know what Pinterest is about - check out my Pinteresting tutorial!

Happy WOYWW!!!

Big hugs


Nigel said...

Oh to have a messy space like that - luxury!

Glad to hear that Kropek is still alive and well, and adding his contributions to blog land :D


Terry said...

I think a city lives under the mess on my workdesk! So wish I could get better organized, but every time I make an attempt, I start a project and well the pile grows!

How fun to have a Valentine's Bunny and one still breathing!

Have a great Wednesday! Hugs!

May said...

So Glad the wee bunny was safe, my furrball brought home a frog the other day alive so that was set free! I think your desk looks well loved Joanna with lots going on, Have a great week, Hugs May x x x

inkypinkycraft said...

A great create space, glad the little bunny is okay?!!!hugs trace x

Lynne Moncrieff said...

This is tidy, honestly, I say this is very tidy.
I was wondering where you were going with the bunny story, had gruesome images in my head so thank goodness there is a happy ending and Thumper was released - WHEW!

butlersabroad said...

What a cute Valentines present, so glad it was OK, think your cat needs a big bell around his neck! Busy desk, sounds like a lot on the go at the moment.

Brenda 6

Ros said...

I have been tidying my craft room all day! Not sure how long it will last this way ... possibly 2 days Lol! And what a thoughtful cat you have ... a bunny!! Must have thought it was Easter ... thank goodness it was ok ... Look forward to seeing your creations

...the yorkshire fox... said...'s always a worry when you've got furry ones cos you never really know what your gonna wake up to!...have a lovely week...mel :)

Sarpreet said...

love your sewing machine ready to be used, Great workspace, Happy WOYWW 141, thank you for sharing,# 52

Hazel said...

Wow! you're so busy. Great idea to pin favourite visits for WOYWW - might think about doing that. I joined pinterest a while ago but confess I tend to forget about it - ought to start actually using it (Hazel, WOYW #136) x

Dots Dabbles said...

starting to get messy....still a work in progress! lol. Funny he was glad to get back outside too, hope he is long gone!!! lol
Dot x

That Craft Place Ltd said...

Naughty Kropek! Poor bunny, but at least you got to save him! BTW, it may be a mess, but what a pretty mess your craft space always is ! xx
Lisa 8

Lunch Lady Jan said...

We only ever get halves of animals - voles, shrews, moles, bats etc! So good for you for rescuing the wascally wabbit :)
Hugs, LLJ #72 xx

Lindsay Craftymonster81 said...

Your work space looks tidy compared to mine lol, can't wait to see your shadow box
Lindsay xx

Lou said...

Awww thank goodness the bunny was OK, we have had all sorts of presents, from grass snakes to frogs but never a bunny! Hope you are all feeling lots better Hope you have a great week Lou @#91

sandee said...

Glad the bunny was not harmed and released, hopefully he learned that K. is mightier than he looks, at least the picture of him sprawled out on your chair doesn't look too scary from a bunny's perspective! lol Thanks for letting me take a peek at your desk, waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Linda R said...

It sounds like you are one busy lady. It is so funny how we love to look at others work areas.. I know I do.. Thanks for sharing yours with us! Good luck with all your projects my friend..

Hugs, Linda

okienurse said...

busy desk! Hope everyone is better soon! Hope you have a great week and thanks for sharing. Don't forget my blog candy is still up for grabs so drop by and leave a comment and make sure you are a follower. Vickie #64

Maggie's Crafts said...

Love your spacious craft room!

Thank you for visiting my blog.


Maggie's Crafts said...

Love your craft room! Very busy. :)

Thank you for visiting my blog.


CraftygasheadZo said...

I love your space, so inviting! Take care, thanks for sharing & hope you enjoy this week's WOYWW. Zo xx 86

scrappymo! said...

So glad the bunny survived! Looks like you have been busy creating!

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