Saturday, 26 February 2011

Day Full of Crafties, lots of new stash and teenage giggles...

No words will ever explain what a fantastic day it was yesterday!

It started with a fabulous workshop with Lin and Leandra from PaperArtsy. Look at this gorgeous project we made!

And I was also extremely lucky to win a bag of ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS crafty goodies! I still can't believe my luck, ideally I would love to have the next week off to craft and craft and craft....! ;)

I was sitting next to Kim Costello. I am a big fan of hers, she regularly designs for the Craft Stamper and you can see her amazing work here. We met originally during one of the workshops with Sarah Anderson at the Stamp Attic ;).

Then this long awaited moment finally arrived!!!! ..... Drum roll, please....

Ta dah...!!!

Blimey...honestly...wooow.... ha ha.....blushing...phew! Now, that was the most embarassing moment in my entire life! Well, I've never before met a celebrity, who I really liked ;) I've been in a close proximity of some famous politicians but let's be honest, that's not really something to get excited about, is it??? lol ;)

I must have made a complete fool of myself... When I asked for a piccie and an autograph (yes, I did that, too!) I tried to act normally and perhaps throw in a funny, light-hearted comment... You know, to show that meeting a "celeb" is my daily bread! In the end it must have just looked like teenage giggles... Gosh, what an embarassment! ha ha ha!

We were altering a configuration box...

Here's the completed project...

All those fantastic embellishments for the box were part of the generous workshop kit! How great is that?????

I even managed to incorporate the workshop badges, one with my name and the other with my lunch option lol ;)

And can you see this coolest ever candle light behind the vintage photo?

At the end of the workshop Tim was presented with a fab album/book of inchies created by all these humble crafters that took part in the PaperArtsy event. I didn't know about the inchies (that will teach me to read all relevant messages in the future!). So I contributed to the book with a little altered card, which I just happened to have on me that day! lol ;)

I actually made this for the Compendium of Curiosities Challenge #33 (metal altered with alcohol inks) so it was only right to attach it to the keep sake album for Tim ;))) 

Well, I'd better be going... time to do some crafting!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!


Trina said...

I tell you - that Tim Holtz gets around! I feel like I just saw him on someone else's post just the other day... Don't be embarassed; he's probably used to crafty ladies getting all giggly on him by now. :D

Your card and projects look fabulous!

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh my gosh, this is the most fantastic post!!! I love what you created...WOW!!!
and the picture of Tim--I would have it made huge and put in my living room!!! lol How FANTASTIC!!! I'm SOOO excited for you!!!

Carol Q said...

I can see you had a WONDERFUL day Joanna. Fab and gorgeous creations and goodies to bring home with you too.

ona_i_ja said...

Cudowny dzień miałaś... Shadow box niesamowity.... i ten ostatni projekt też bardzo mi się podoba :)
A zdjęcie z Timem.. booooskie :)


Anesha said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time. Great projects!

Brenda Brown said...

Oh how exciting Joanna, what a fabulous experience and gorgeous makes. I am soooo jealous really hehe.
You'll be full of creativity for weeks now.
Have fun.
luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

Lucy said...

No problem on the blog award,, it was a pleasure to pass it on to you, you have a great blog, filled with great work.
Thanks for the comment on the jump ring bracelet, sold it first thing this morning! They seem to be a big hit! Better get making!! :D

Ruby said...

Lol, how funny that you went all girlie around him ;o) Love what you created, looks like you had a great time! Will text soon!

Deanna Cosgrove said...

Loved seeing your project from the class. Your metal tag with the flower is just gorgeous!!

Netty said...

Oh wow what a fabulous day you had making all those great creations and meeting Tim as well. Your metal tag is totally scrumptious and am sure he loved it. Annette x

Sarah Anderson said...

what a fantastic day of goodliness! looks like a day to remember Jo!!!

MarleneMAZ said...

Your card is gorgeous! So fun having a class with Tim. I love your configurations box and the fact you finished it in class is amazing:)

Susan Allan said...

Well, you had a ball, I can see. I love the project you made unusual and the altered configuration box looks like it was amazing fun to do.
You will never forget this day!

Sue xx

Val said...

Hi Joanna - wasn't it just fab! I felt like a groupie at the end of it all - but he was just amazing - I found it really fun, and the banter just kept it going. But I really liked that he kept coming round and checking that everybody was OK and offering help where needed.

Wouldn't it be fab if could be done again!


Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Oh wow wow wow.... I am so jealous now, I want to be there!!!!
Look at all those beautiful work done at the workshop, I so want to be there!!!!
Hey, do you know another blogger Deb Hickman, I happened to learn from her blog that she attended the same event, maybe you already know each other, what a chance!

Shirl said...

Oooooo Joanna you must have been in 7th heaven and what beautiful work you have created. Your metal tag is to die for truly scrumptious and delicious looking. Lucky you, we have nothing like these workshops in Ireland.
Hugs Shirley x x

Suzanne Brookfield said...

WOW ...Joanna...have you come down from the ceiling yet lol? I would still be swinging from the chandeliers. It looks as though a Fab time was had and all your work looks stunning...surprised you could concentrate though! Luve from a jealous Suz x

Linda R. said...

WOW!!! How exciting getting to me The Man him self.. I am afraid I would have acted the same way. And your projects look wonderful. I would just love to go to one of his workshops.. Hope you are having a great weekend my friend..

Hugs, Linda

Candy C said...

Your metal tag for the CCC challenge is wonderful! LOVE all the texture and colors! get to have class with TIM! Isn'the just the BEST!?! Enjoy!!

Linda Ledbetter said...

Wow, Joanna, what a fun and wonderful post this is! I'm thrilled for you, getting to attend that workshop, winning those goodies and meeting all those wonderful folks. I very much doubt you made a fool of yourself. I bet you were charming.

Your Configuration is spectacular-- just overflowing with wonderful things. The candlelight looks amazing! And, your CCC piece is gorgeous. What a treat-- that altered metal is absolutely perfect!

Congratulations on a dream of a weekend, and thanks for sharing it at the CCC!

Claire said...

Wow Joanna sounds like a totally amazing crafty day! Your creation is gorgeous and congrats on winning some goodies too.
Claire xx

Sonia said...

Hi Joanna
Love all i see.. Recently on this past weekend Tim Holtz was visit Puerto Rico for an great event (This is the third time of this event call PR Scrapbook Event, you can visit us the next year)
Tim is so nice, cool.. Love the Tim's class and the others fabulous instructors.

Aniees said...

Shadow box powalił mnie z nóg a zdjęcie z Timem już w ogóle :)))) Był na wyspie obok i nie mogłam tam byc z Wami...buuuuu...ale mam nadzieje ,ze przy naszych wspólnych spotkaniach grupy , bedziesz jego posrednikiem :)))). Asia boskie prace....cudny dzien !!!!

Joanna said...

Ale miałaś cudny dzień :)

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